Morphometry and areal growth cohorts of common epifaunal species on a sand bottom of the Cilician shelf (Turkey), Mediterranean Sea

  • Erhan MUTLU
Keywords: Epifauna, biometry, growth cohorts, distribution, Cilician shelf, Eastern Mediterranean Sea.


Biometry and growth cohorts of common epifauna collected monthly with a sledge for a two year period was studied on the Cilician shelf of the Mediterranean Sea. The dimorphisms in the length-width-weight relationships were observed for the epibentic fauna due presumably to the sexes whereas biometrically dimorphic relationship was not structured for the common flat fishes. Maximum number of growth cohorts changed between >C2 (Buglossidium luteum) and >C4 (Arnoglossus laterna) for the flatfishes. Nine cohorts coexisted for a hermit crab, a crustacean species. Three muricid (Mollusca) species were classified with maximum number of cohort up to >C2 and the nassariid gastropods as well. A Lesepsian bivalve, Pinctada radiata displayed two growth cohorts, and three cohorts based on disc thickness of a seastar (Astropecten irregularis).