Investigation on Toxoplasma gondii in Surface and Drinking Water Samples from Amasya by Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction

  • Zeynep KOLOREN
  • Elif DEMİREL
Keywords: Toxoplasma gondii, Nested PCR, Surface water, Black Sea


Occurence of Toxoplasma gondii was investigated in surface and drinking water samples collected from Amasya by nested PCR. Total 120 surface water samples and 20 drinking water samples were flocculated by Aluminum Sulfate and they were purified sucrose-gradient. All of the water samples were used for DNA extraction and then, nested PCR were performed for them. While 48 out of 120 water samples (40%) were found positive for T. gondii, there were no any contamination in 20 drinking water samples for Toxoplasma. The water samples taken from Tersakan (Suluova), Tersakan (Karasu), Tersakan last and Yesilırmak (Tasova) stations were positive for Toxoplasma. This study is first report on investigation T. gondii in Amasya by using Nested PCR. Amasya Province has extensive agriculture and animal husbandry and also, it has insufficient waste water treatment plants. Since River Yesilırmak is used for agricultural terrain irrigation, this study is important in maintaining public health of this region