Production of Polyclonal Rabbit IgG against Dog IgG: Orientation for Applications in Immunological Diagnosis of Dog Diseases

  • Huu-Hung Nguyen Van Lang University
  • Thi-Phuong-Thao Le Nguyen Tat Thanh University
  • Thai-Thi-Tuyet Trinh Nguyen Tat Thanh University
Keywords: Affinity chromatography, Dog IgG, Immunological diagnosis, Protein precipitation, rabbit IgG


Dogs are one of the most popular pets in many parts of the world. The need to diagnose dog diseases using immunological assays is constantly increasing. This study aims to produce anti-dog IgG antibodies from rabbits for use in immunological diagnosis in dogs. To achieve this, the dog's refined IgG is used as an antigen to cause an immune response in rabbits. Specific rabbit IgG is then purified from serum by precipitation method with 45% saturated amonium sulfate salt, protein G affinity chromatography and dog IgG affinity chromatography. The purity of rabbit IgG reached 95.3% based on SDS-PAGE analysis. The specific activity of purified IgG is confirmed by dot blot assay. These results suggest that rabbit anti-dog IgG antibodies produced in this study can be applied to immunological diagnosis of dog diseases.