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Aphid, Alien, new records, Tinocallis himalayensis, Türkiye


Aphids are one of the most important pest group since they invade new zoogeographical regions and new host plants, increase their damages to agricultural crops and benefited from global warming in contrast to most of the species. In turn, the determination of the aphid composition of any geographical area becomes much more important. In accordance with given general prospects, five aphid species, Aphis (Aphis) cisticola Leclant & Remaudière, 1972; Brachycaudus (Prunaphis) malvae Shaposhnikov, 1964; Pemphigus (Pemphigus) fuscicornis (Koch,1857); Tinocallis (Orientinocallis) himalayensis Ghosh, Ghosh & Raychaudhuri, 1971; Chaitophorus capreae (Mosley, 1841) were added to Türkiye aphid fauna and number of the species listed increased to 675. There are also new host plant relations and ant attendance was determined for the first time. Among the identified species, the oriental region originated T. himalayensis was recorded as the alien aphid species for Türkiye aphid fauna.


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