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  • Niran Nur Olmez
  • Sami Gokpinar
  • Cem Topcu


Meat, percoll gradient, sarcocystis, tissue cyst, Toxoplasma gondii


Purpose of this study is microscopic examination of Toxoplasma gondii and Sarcocystis spp. in lamb meat, beef, meatball and sausages launched for retail sale in Ankara and Kırıkkale using Percoll Gradient method. By visiting butchers in Ankara and Kırıkkale 50 pieces of each meat products (200 total) were purchased. After 5 grams of the samples were homogenized, they were subjected to the Percoll gradient method. Ten coverslip areas from each sample were examined under the light microscope for the presence of T. gondii and Sarcocystis spp. tissue cysts. In 78.5% of the 200 samples that examined there was at least one parasite species tissue cyst. In 2.5 % of total samples had T. gondii and 56.5% had Sarcocystis spp. and 19.5% had both T. gondii+Sarcocystis spp. tissue cysts. 95% of lamb meats, 62% of beef, 90% of meatballs and 68% of sausages were found to be infected with at least one species. In conclusion, T. gondii and Sarcocystis spp. tissue cysts were found on meat products that launched in Kırıkkale and Ankara. Because of the zoonotic feature of T.gondii it is highly important to consume meat products after cooked well for public health. And for prevent meat products from getting Sarcocystis spp. tissue cysts, it is important to take cautions for our animals to not get infected.


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