The New Perspective Neuroprotective Effect Of Boric Acid Against Ethanol-Induced Oxidative Damage On Synaptosome

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  • Fatih Kar
  • Ceyhan Hacıoğlu
  • Mete Özkoç
  • Növber Üstünışık
  • Arda Bütün
  • Sema Uslu
  • Güngör Kanbak


Boric Acid, Ethanol, Synaptosome, Oxidative Stress, Neuroprotective Effect.


In this study, the effects of ethanol toxicity (200 mM) in vitro and the application of boric acid (BA) (5, 10 and 25 mM) at different doses were investigated for potential protective and antioxidant roles on rat brain synaptosomes. Synaptosomes were used as a sample of five groups (control, ethanol, ethanol+5 mM BA, ethanol+10 mM BA, ethanol+25 mM BA), which include six samples. Malondialdehyde (MDA), Nitric Oxide (NO) levels and Catalase (CAT) activity were measured as oxidative stress markers in ethanol-induced oxidative stress in rat brain synaptosomes. The levels of MDA significantly increased in the ethanol-treated synaptosomal samples, as compared those in the control samples. However, the levels of MDA significantly decreased in the BA-treated groups having a greater effect with the highest concentration (25 mM) of BA used (P<0.05). The levels of MDA in the ethanol-treated + boric acid (25 mM) group were found to be significantly lower than in the ethanol-treated group (P<0.05). The CAT activities of the ethanol-treated group were higher than in control group, and the CAT activities of the BA (5 mM, 25 mM) groups were found to be close to that of the control groups (P<0.01). NO levels in ethanol-treated groups were slightly decreased as compared to control groups but not statistically significant. Nevertheless, NO levels in ethanol-treated +boric acid (25 mM) groups were increased (P<0.05). In conclusion, our data showed that BA treatment might be neuroprotective effective against ethanol-induced neurotoxicity as antioxidant properties.




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Kar, F., Hacıoğlu, C., Özkoç, M., Üstünışık, N., Bütün, A., Uslu, S., & Kanbak, G. (2019). The New Perspective Neuroprotective Effect Of Boric Acid Against Ethanol-Induced Oxidative Damage On Synaptosome. Journal of Applied Biological Sciences, 12(2), 28–33. Retrieved from