Formation Of Bacteria (Rhizobium Spp.) In The Roots Of Bean Plants Grown In Aquaponics System

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  • Süleyman BEKCAN
  • Hasan H. ATA
  • Hijran YAVUZCAN


Aquaponics systems, bean plants, circulation system, Rhizobium spp., nodulation, nitrogen fixation.


Current research was conducted to determine formation of bacteria (Rhizobium spp) in the roots of bean plants grown in aquaponics system. Aquaponics systems is a form of production made of both plant and fish farming by integrating the plants used
in hydroponics to the closed circulation system which water is used over and over again and intensive fish farming is made. Microorganisms such as Rhizobium spp. increasing plant growth are effective in nitrogen fixation and disease control in a symbiotic environment with legume crops. Studies were done under the aquaponics system. Randomized plot desing has been used. The research was arranged in two
group and three replications. Formation of nodules was observed in the roots of bean plants in all replication in groups inoculated bacteria (Rhizobium spp.). The highest nodule number was recorded in third group as 14.00±5.51 and the lowest one
was recorded in second group as 12.33±3.53. The nodule number was determined as minimum 4 and maximum 23 in groups inoculated bacteria (Rhizobium spp.)




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