Isolation of Atopobium vaginae in Vaginal and Urine Samples of Iranian Women, the first report

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  • Hamideh MAFTOON
  • Maryam KASHANIAN


Bacterial vaginosis, Atopobium vaginae, Culture, PCR


Bacterial vaginosis is not a mono-factorial infection. A synergism of microaerophilic bacteria, Mycoplasma spp., and anaerobic bacteria
such as Atopobium vaginae, Porphyromonas spp., Bacteroides spp., Prevotella spp., and others are involved in these infections. The aim of present study was to determine the prevalence of Atopobium vaginae in non-pregnant women suffering from bacterial vaginosis.A total of 102 non-pregnant women who referred to Shahid Akbarabadi hospital in Tehran were tested for bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial culture was performed on Columbia agar containing 2mg/ml Amphotericin B, 30mg/ml Nalidixic acid and 4mg/ml Colistin. Additionally, they were simultaneously cultured on blood agar plates containing fresh human blood and Amphotericin B under anaerobic conditions. Finally, PCR using Atopobiumvaginae specific primers were also carried out on extracted DNA from grown colonies as well as from vaginal specimens. From a total of 102 symptomatic women who referred to the hospital, 37% (38/102) were classified as bacterial vaginosis, 43% (44/102) were classified as intermediate status and 20% (20/102) women were asymptomatic. Sixty urine samples were collected. Atopobium vaginae were detected in 66% (25/38) of bacterial vaginosis cases and in 10% (4/44) samples with intermediate vaginal flora. It was not detected in
asymptomatic women. The bacterium was seen in 10% (3/30) women with urinary tract infection and none in pregnant women.This is the first report of Atopobiumvaginae isolation in Iran. The results of this investigation point to a clear association ofAtopobiumvaginaewith bacterial vaginosis. It should therefore be considered as a probable etiological agent.




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MAFTOON, H., AMIRMOZAFARI, N., & KASHANIAN, M. (2019). Isolation of Atopobium vaginae in Vaginal and Urine Samples of Iranian Women, the first report. Journal of Applied Biological Sciences, 10(3), 43–46. Retrieved from




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